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It’s about time you start taking matters in your own hands. Stop blending in, start standing out. You deserve nothing but the most stylish. Leave the past and make it happen. Eyes on you. It’s time!

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Purchased: Corragio 1812 - Stainless Steel
Na mijn bestelling te hebben voltooid kreeg ik mijn horloge volgens afspraak snel geleverd. Met de verschillende bandjes die op het horloge passen kun je zowel een super stoer horloge of een Chique klok maken. Ben erg happy met het horloge en de bandjes.
M. van West
Purchased: Conscio 1806 - Stainless Steel
Good fit. Not too light or too heavy on the wrist. Pretty nifty if you get a second strap so you can switch it around a bit I got my dad one of those gift boxes for Xmas and I ended up getting one for myself :) I recommend it
M. Sibma
Purchased: Conscio 1807 - Stainless Steel
Thanks guys, really happy with this one! Always hard to find that one accessory! But I think you nailed it with this design. Keep up the good work!
F. Vriesekoop
Conscio 1801 - Stainless Steel
Got it already after 2 days and the watch fits great. It's cool to switch the straps around. Good value for money. Thanks a lot
J. Smit
Conscio 1801 - Stainless Steel
Thank you Calgari for the quick service!
T. Caro
Purchased: Conscio 1806 - Stainless Steel
Good service and stylish watch. Really appreciate the system which enables you to easily change the straps making the watch suitable for all occacions (formal and informal).
K. de Quaij
Purchased: Conscio 1804 - Stainless Steel
The service was excellent!! Also the watch was exactly like expected. Got some nice comments when wearing it. Having multiple straps makes having a different style when needed.
R. de Dreu



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