Our Story

We are an Amsterdam based watch company that offers fashion accessories for men that can be adjusted to every moment of the day. Calgari is characterized by the classic and timeless watches that still feel contemporary and relevant. 

Calgari finds its inspiration in the sophisticated and contemporary Italian lifestyle: ''La Dolce Vita''. Pride, love for friends and family and appreciation for timeless classics but also the feeling for sophistication and craftsmanship.

Timeless design

Calgari is the watch which will finish your look or does play the main character in your appearance. It makes sure you will be able to wear it on every occasion; at work, in a meeting or in the club. Your watch will always be the finishing touch that matches the occasion.

Engineered for today

We added a modern twist to this heritage. We designed our watches in a way that you can easily adjust them without needing a full watchmaker (set) to do so. Making sure your style is ready for any occasion.

The Art of Living

Calgari is about more than just telling time, we believe life should be lived like a piece of art. Living up the potential and making the most of your time. Make it your masterpiece.